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About Us

Angela Long began this journey when searching for a keepsake that matched the beauty that she saw in her Sisterhood. It would have to be something that was timeless and unique, classic and stylish- But nothing out there spoke to her.  After years of looking she finally decided to start creating her own unique designs.

What makes A. Long Legacy different?

Angela has been a part of this Divine sisterhood for nearly 25 years.  The meaning behind the symbols that she uses to create her pieces permeates every design.  She strives to get to the heart of each design, so that each piece calls to you and reminds you of what your sisterhood means to you individually.  If you are looking for unique, stylish yet classic sorority jewelry pieces, you have found the right place. Any company can hang a charm from a chain or bracelet. Angela works with you your’ visions, ideas, a sketch, or a photo-and creates a keepsake that you will be able to pass down from one generation to the next. Your order is hand-crafted specifically for you, by people just like you.

At A. Long Legacy Jewelry our we work with you or your group to create a final product that speaks to your unique style and personality.

A Long Legacy Jewelry Co., a certified Licensed vendor for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc based in New York City, has been specializing in handcrafted Sorority jewelry since 2006.

Define your Divine!




Buyer acknowledges and agrees that he/she is an Authorized Buyer and is purchasing for a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority paraphernalia and other goods that bear Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s logos, designs, copyrights and trademarks.  Buyer understands and agrees that a non-member is not allowed to purchase, own or possess such items except where purchasing such items for the benefit of an active member.  Buyer also acknowledges and agrees that the purchase of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority items for any other reason is prohibited.  In addition, Buyer acknowledges and agrees that purchasing these item(s) under false pretense authorizes Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to immediately (1) remove such items from the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, snapchat, ebay,, and the like (hereinafter collectively “Third Party”) and (2)repossess such purchased item(s) from Buyer, and from aforementioned Third Party and their mediums on which Buyer attempts to sell them. Buyer also knowingly waives its right under the First Sale Doctrine to subsequently sell, and attempt to sell, any item(s), bearing a Sorority Mark, individually and through a Third Party or by any other means.


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